Saturday, December 20, 2008

Casino - Beaten and Buried

It's funny, in this scene when Pesci is doing the narration, he yells out in pain when his character is hit by the bat. As if someone came into the studio where the monologue was recorded and smacked him with the bat. It just adds to the unexpectedness of this epic movie. I love what Scorcese did in this film. He made Nicky and Sam as if they were brothers who would do anything for each other, then Sam ends up being so vicious, killing him and his brother like they meant nothing.....and we learn that there's no such thing as friends in this game, plus Nicky was a major prick. Actually all of Joe Pesci's characters make really good pricks who deserve the worst possible death. Thanks Joe.

Nice touch that Scorcese cast the same actor who played Billy Batts(Frank Vincent) in Goodfellas (who got beat to death by Pesci & Deniro's characters) to beat Pesci's character to death here...

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