Sunday, February 10, 2008

Final Destination 3 - Alternate Death Scenes?

I hate it when the only special features on a DVD is the damn trailer. So, for extra feature freaks like me there's the Final Destination 3 DVD. The best part is the "choose your fate" option which brings up a new screen at key points, asking the viewer to make a choice for the character onscreen. Depending on that choice, the viewer will either see the event as shown in the theatrical version, or an alternate scene that could change the rest of the movie. The director, James Wong had this feature in mind as he was filming the movie, and he deliberately filmed different versions for each death scene. The first clip is the alternate version of Lewis' death without the suspense of "how is he gonna die." Isn't it funny how the blood always sprays all over the friends face? Is that a written horror movie rule?
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Doitaiya said...

The alternate death was too fast. The chosen one too slow ^^' But: After the great second FD part its hard to satisfy me ;)

r4i karte said...

One thing that really gauges whether a movie connects with its target audience is the crowd's reaction, and I have to say that "Final Destination 3" got the loudest, most involved reaction I've witnessed in quite a while.