Monday, July 30, 2007

Executive Decision - Steven Seagal Dies!

No flying limbs, no gallons of blood, no gory special effects. No, what make this one of the greatest movie deaths of all time is the fact that Steven Seagal dies in it. You see, in just about every Steven Seagal movie, he comes out at the end unscathed. He'll get shot, cut, beat up and end up without a scratch. Which is why it makes this scene from Executive Decision even better. In fact, Steven Seagal originally refused to shoot his death scene for fear his fans would not like it. Director Stuart Baird insisted he must do it as scripted, though Seagal held up filming for a few days and suggested that the manner in which it happened wouldn't realistically cause him to die. Finally after threat of contractual breach, Seagal acted the death scene as scripted.

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1 comment:

The Warfreak said...

I remember that one. It was quite a shock! I wasn't expecting it at all.